We currently offer a range of risk management solutions both face-to-face and online. We are flexible and are able to provide a combination package or other tailor-made services not included below:

Risk Register Development

We provide support to Organisations to develop fit for purpose risk registers whether using your existing Risk Management Software/System/Spreadsheet or developing one from scratch.

As part of this, we can work with you on a project to select or develop a new Risk Management System/Software to meet the needs of your Organisation.

Risk Register Audits

We carry out audits of existing risk registers using your Organisation's framework and benchmark this against good practice.

We produce an audit report with recommendations for straightening your risk register (s).

Risk Register Development

Risk Management Documentation Development

Risk register review

We work closely with the Board and key Staff to develop a tailored and practical Risk Management Framework for your Organisation, remaining mindful of creating additional bureaucratic burdens. These include, Risk Management Strategy/Policy; Risk Management Guidelines/Handbooks; Annual Risk Management Activity Plans.

We also work with Organisations to review existing documentation and proffer recommendations for strengthening.

Risk Register Review

Acting as a critical friend, we work alongside Risk Owners/Leads within Organisations to review and strengthen risk register records.


As part of this, we work with the Risk Owners/Leads to ensure the risks and controls are well articulated and risk mitigating actions are being implemented in a timely way. Ensuring the rationale for the current risk score are well documented.

Risk Management Training

We deliver tailored interactive risk management training  to Boards and key staff to fit the training needs of the Organisation.

We are in the process of developing online training videos that individuals or Organisations can access in the comfort of their desks.


The training videos will be available during 2019. Send us a message via the Contact us page to let us know if this will be of interest to you or your Organisation.

Risk Management Framework BenchMarking

Risk Management Training

We can carry out a benchmark of  your current risk management framework against those of other Organisations within your sector and the ISO 31000: 2018 standard.

As part of this we will identify and recommend areas where your framework could be strengthened.

Boards Skills Review

Boards skills review

We carry out a robust Board Skills Assessment which involves producing and deploying a Board Skills Assessment questionnaire tailor-made to suit your Organisation and Board; one-to-one interviews with the Board and producing a detailed Board skills matrix including recommendations to strengthen the Board skills and composition.

Risk Maturity Assessment

We develop risk maturity assessment frameworks and facilitate the process using a tailored approach to suit the Organisation and industry best practice.

We report and present the findings of the exercise to the Board and/or Audit and Risk Committee and following this, we work with the Leaders to develop a Risk Maturity Action Plan.