Managing risks… a no-brainer?

Managing risk
Managing risks… a no-brainer?

Switching off and unplugging electrical appliances when not in use...that is risk


Do you know why your Organisation manages risks?

Have a read below at this ‘risky’ scenario and think about the advantages of managing risks

in your Organisation.

A fire was caused by a faulty microwave in an office kitchenette. It is thought to have started

at about 11.00a.m. In line with the Fire Safety Policy, staff operated the nearest fire alarm

call point, dialed the emergency telephone number and then followed the local departmental

fire emergency procedures. All 20 staff were successfully evacuated from the building during

the emergency.

The fire service was alerted to the fire by the Switchboard at 11.10a.m arriving on site at

11.19a.m by which time the fire was still contained. The fire was brought under control by


The only casualty reported was Mabel who suffered from shock and was treated for this.

The fire services Investigation into the incident commended the Organisation for its

management of the evacuation, heat sensors present in the offices, excellent staff training

and storage of the microwave behind a fire door, which proved successful in averting what

could have been a disaster.

What did the Organisation do well in proactively managing this fire incident? 

  • Stored the microwave behind a fire door which held back the seat of the fire and prevented spread

  • Excellent staff training (including the mandatory fire awareness training and local fire safety induction)

  • Provided heat sensors in the offices

  • Carried out regular PAT testing

  • Provided a fire blanket

  • Had a Fire Safety Policy in place

  • The following are some reasons why we manage risks including:

  • To enable delivery of the Organisation’s Strategic Objectives

  • To protect the Organisation’s reputation

  • To inform key business decisions and enable the prioritisation of actions

  • To reduce financial loss/exposure

  • To avoid prosecution/legal challenge

  • To ensure compliance with regulations

  • To ensure professional standards are maintained

Can you think of some other reasons why we manage risks?

To help you think about risk management, we can work with you and your Organisation to

put together a practical solution tailor made to suit your requirements.